Whatfinger Gives Drudge Report and Others a Run for Their Money as It Surges to Be Larger Than Next Six Competitors Combined

Only The Drudge Report is now larger as Whatfinger reaches over 25.3% of its size

DALLAS - September 25, 2020 - (Newswire.com)

​​​​​​​Since 1996, the news aggregate arena has been firmly controlled by the Drudge Report. Yet as the site shifted its focus over the past year from Conservative leaning to more Liberal views, a competitor called Whatfinger News was quick to step in and start amassing market share.

And it appears its following of political news junkies can’t get enough.

Whatfinger, in fact, has grown to well over 16-million page views a month – which is more than the next six-plus news aggregates combined and second only to Drudge. The site is now pulling over 500K page views daily since Sept. 17 as election season hit full stride. The site is chock full of timely news, tips, blog articles, videos from seemingly countless media outlets and subject matter experts around the globe, and, lots and lots of political resources. The news and opinion articles are balanced with lighthearted and humorous videos and commentary to add some levity to the serious nature of some content.

The founders of the decidedly Conservative aggregate site are military and patriots who are quick to assert they are unapologetic in their patriotism. They credit the company’s success to its willingness to show opposing views, sites and information and allow uncensored discussion. For instance, it will present an issue and show MSNBC’s take versus FOX’s. Readers are encouraged to share their feedback and formerly had buttons for thumbs up, down or even middle finger – hence the site’s name. This feature was removed to appeal to a larger audience.

“Our aim is to be the biggest aggregate link news site on the planet. We are well on our way because we provide people what they are craving: the freedom to think and feel and learn without censorship,” explained Michael Anthony, chief editor. “We give people access to both sides of the story and let the reader decide what they believe and help them gain a more well-rounded understanding of issues.”

But the reason behind becoming the biggest goes beyond dollars and cents. According to Sgt. Pat, one of the founders, it is about honoring America itself.

“In the U.S. Armed Forces, you learn respect for all people – regardless of gender, race, color or creed. That drives Whatfinger each and every day. We understand the greatness of what America’s founders created for all its people and are proud that our great country is the light in this crazy world,” he said.  Clearly, our mission is catching on – to the tune of 16 million-plus page views a month – and we expect those numbers to explode as we approach Election Day.”

For more information about Whatfinger News, go to whatfinger.com or email Michael Anthony at editor@whatfinger.com

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Original Source: Whatfinger Gives Drudge Report and Others a Run for Their Money as It Surges to Be Larger Than Next Six Competitors Combined

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