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Ethiopian rebel group accuses government of airstrikes

Jan 18, 2019

Ethiopian rebel group accuses government of targeting it with airstrikes, to denials

Jimmy Carter marks 40 years of US diplomacy with China

Jan 18, 2019

Jimmy Carter marking 40 years of normalized US-China relations that began during his presidency

Official: US to lift Cyprus arms embargo in security boost

Jan 18, 2019

Cyprus' foreign minister says he's optimistic that the US will soon start lifting a decades-old arms embargo because Washington acknowledges the island nation's contribution to bolstering stability and security in the east Mediterranean

Swiss, German students protest inaction on climate change

Jan 18, 2019

Thousands of students are holding rallies across Germany and Switzerland to protest the lack of action against climate change

Thai military chief urges loyalty ahead of expected election

Jan 18, 2019

Thailand's military has held its annual Armed Forces Day parade as the country prepares for expected elections more than four years after soldiers overthrew an elected government

North Korean diplomat arrives for meeting in Sweden

Jan 18, 2019

A North Korean diplomat has arrived in Sweden to take part in an unannounced meeting in Stockholm, officials said Friday

Trump staffing up to fend off potential primary challenge

Jan 18, 2019

President Donald Trump's re-election campaign is staffing up to fend off any potential primary challenger

ICC judges: Former Ivory Coast president must remain jailed

Jan 18, 2019

ICC judges say ex-Ivory Coast president must stay in custody at least until Feb. 1 hearing

Myanmar army ordered to take offensive against Arakan Army

Jan 18, 2019

Myanmar's military has announced that the Arakan Army, a Buddhist rebel group in Rakhine state, has been classified a terrorist organization after mounting a flurry of recent attacks

Norway investigates supermarket stabbing as terror attack

Jan 18, 2019

Police in Norway say the stabbing of a woman in a supermarket is being investigated as a terror attack

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