Melania Trump listens to students talk about online civility

Jul 20, 2018

Melania Trump hears from teens working on best practices for being civil online

Paramount fires its top television executive over comments

Jul 20, 2018

Paramount says it has fired the head of its television division for making unspecified inappropriate statements that drew complaints from employees

Tornadoes sweep through Iowa; major damage and some injuries

Jul 20, 2018

Tornadoes have swept through central Iowa flattening buildings and damaging the courthouse in Marshalltown and hitting an agricultural machinery plant in Pella

Global slavery report slams North Korea, repressive regimes

Jul 19, 2018

A new report says modern slavery is most prevalent in North Korea and other repressive regimes, but developed nations also bear responsibility for it because they import $350 billion worth of goods that are produced under suspicious circumstances

Zuckerberg's Holocaust comment puts Facebook on the spot

Jul 19, 2018

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg clarified a comment that seemed to give Holocaust deniers the benefit of the doubt, highlighting Facebook's unease with policing conspiracy theories

State governors delve into foreign diplomacy on trade war

Jul 19, 2018

State governors discussed ways Thursday to court foreign investment in the wake of President Donald Trump's trade disputes with countries including China, Canada and Mexico

DC Universe sets pricing plan for digital subscription

Jul 19, 2018

A digital subscription service for DC Comics superfans is launching in fall of 2018 and has set its annual membership fee at $74.99

IRS nominee clears Senate panel despite Democrat opposition

Jul 19, 2018

IRS nominee narrowly clears Senate committee despite opposition by Democrats over new donor policy

Federal judge tosses out climate change lawsuit

Jul 19, 2018

A federal judge has rejected New York City's effort to hold oil companies responsible for global warming, saying it's not the judiciary's responsibility to decide

Hawaii town hopes lava tourism will bring economic relief

Jul 19, 2018

A Hawaii community hurting from the ongoing eruption of Kilauea volcano are hoping local authorities will set up a spot for people to watch lava as a means to attract tourists

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